Refurbished LavAzza BLUE LB2312 Espresso Machine

Refurbished LB2312
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The Refurbished LavAzza BLUE line of espresso is LavAzza's latest line of single-serve espresso machines and capsules. Using the latest technology, the machines offer many features other Espresso Machines lack and brew a fantastic cup of espresso every time with minimal effort!

Features include:



    • LCD Display provides relevant information


    • Computerized interface offers more customization options than ever


    • Customizable Pre-Measured Cup Sizes (short, medium, long and 2 cup)


    • Make 2 cups at a time using ""Bidose"" line of LavAzza BLUE Capsules- save time and money!


    • Free-flow Brewing Button allows for you to chose your cup size manually


    • High-End Italian Design fits in beautifully in any kitchen, home, or office


    • Power steam wand for heating & frothing milk to make cappucinos and lattes


    • LavAzza BLUE line of Espresso Capsules has over 15 varieties of espresso blends, teas, and more!


    • Drip tray allows for clean storage of 20 used capsules and collects any dripping, keeping your machine looking clean and beautiful!


    • Additional support tray for traditional (short) espresso cups minimizes dripping and waste


    • 45 seconds or less to a delicious espresso every time


    • 1 gallon water tank


    • Water filter included to be placed in the tank


    • Cup Warmer on top of the unit- no more cold espresso cups!


    • By using pre-measured LavAzza BLUE capsules, anyone can make an espresso with minimal effort- no grinding, no tamping, no mess!


    • 90 days limited parts & labor warranty backed by Lavazza.


    • Comes with 10 starter capsules, for you to try the different blends


    • Size: 12.9"" W x 15.4"" H x 18.6"" D


  • Weight: 24 lbs without empty water tank


Start making your espresso at home and save big- you could save as much as $1200 a year over purchasing your espresso drinks at coffee shops!

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