Lavazza Armonico Nespresso Compatible Espresso Capsules 100ct Exp 12302020 (Nespresso OriginalLine Compatible)

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New, from Italy's Lavazza Nespresso Compatible capsules

Lavazza Armonico Nespresso Compatible Espresso Capsules 240ct (Nespresso OriginalLine Compatible) medium roast espresso with a full & persistent flavor.  A blend from Central and South America, blended to create a rounded, full bodied coffee. Perfect for enjoying straight or as a rich base for an authentic Italian cappuccino or latte.

This product comes as 100 ct. Save by buying in bulk, while you can still just keep a limited quantity by your machine at all times for the morning jolt, afternoon pick-up, or after-dinner treat.

This product is compatible with any of the NESPRESSO OriginalLine machines. Will NOT work with the newer NESPRESSO Venturo machines.

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