Lavazza EP 2500 Plus Espresso Machine

EP 2500 Plus
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 Machine works only with original Lavazza Espresso Point Capsules


This Espresso Machine is the perfect solution for small to medium size offices and business. It offers something for everyone from espresso, lattes, espresso lungo, espresso macchiato and cappuccino.

Easy to select drink buttons lets you make your ideal drink with just one push. A soluble tank allows you to store powdered milk or flavored powders for those times when a specialty or flavored drink is wanted.

For small cups there is a cup holding rack that lifts up to provide more space for your larger cups or mugs.

It has a large spent cartridge drawer that can hold up to 20 used cartridges at a time. The 101 ounce tank allows for many drinks between filling.

This machine can be programmed to make hotter and cooler drinks with password protected settings that prevents tampering to the adjustments.

More information:


Watts: 1200

Volts: 120 60 Hz

Cup Warmer: No

Case is made of Plastic 

Brew Time: 3-5 Minutes

Reservoir water source



10.25 (in)
18.50 (in)
15.75 (in)