SGL Rotary Paper Pod Machine

SGL Rotary Paper Pod Machine
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The new machine by SGL works with paper pods and boasts an innovative system for automatic release.

We Recommend Covim Paper Pods, which are compatible with all ESE (easy serve espresso) Espresso Makers. 

Thanks to a motorized revolving support, exhausted paper pods  are immediately discharged at the end of the drink delivery.

The new Rotary is available with a manual or automatic dosing system, with the possibility of dose programming and electronic temperature control.

Its cup station with adjustable drip tray can host everything from espresso cups to 12 oz mugs, while the area on the top works as a cup warmer.

Available in black.

Rotary offers a large choice of options to suit every need and taste.


Technical data

dimensions ( H • W • D ) 365 x 295 x 290 mm

weight 22lbs

 Thermoblock   coffee • hot water • steam

Power consumption 1020 W 110V - 50/60 Hz 

Water Tank 1.7 liters

LED checking water

Drawer holds 12 Espresso Paper Pod    

Complete throught LED Blinking

Warranty: 90days 





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